3 Easy Tips to Boost Your Patient Recall

Tip 1: Be flexible & make appointments all about the patient.

We all know life can get in the way of our best-laid plans, so make it easy for your patients to make last minute appointments in order to get them through the door. Using a smart online scheduler allows them to see your availability and choose times that work with their schedule, minimizing the amount of back and forth needed to arrange the perfect appointment time.

Do your patients have the option to text you instead of just calling? Make sure you let them know by putting your number up on the website, social media and anywhere else patients look for you.

“If you have any questions before your visit, feel free to call or simply text us and we’d be happy to help.”


Tip 2: Enhance your optometry practice communications by making the most of every message.

Patient appointment reminders & recalls are a perfect opportunity to let your patients know about upcoming events, deals or new features from your office.

Have a new way for patients to order contacts or want patients to fill out a patient form before coming in through the door? Include that information when you send an appointment message in order to remind patients right when it matters most.

This helps with patient recall by not only keeping you top-of-mind, but you can also use this opportunity to deliver a superior customer experience by keeping them in the loop about what to expect while in the office.

Customizing your automated patient reminders is easy in Prime Nexus. Simply edit your message template and every patient will then see your latest promotion in their next appointment reminder.


Tip 3: Educate patients on the importance of having an annual eye checkup.

Have you heard of the saying “you don’t know what you don’t know”? That will be the case for many patients, who aren’t aware of why it’s important for an annual eye checkup, and what their optometrists are even looking for during a checkup.

As their eye care professional, you are the expert and are most qualified to educate your patients on eye health. One way to tackle this is to routinely message your patients about new topics throughout the year. By sending timely seasonal messages, like how to deal with allergies in the spring or the importance of UV protection for eyes in the summer, your patients will know they can rely on you to care for their eyes and will come back to you, year after year!

Need some educational content to send to patients? You can download some prewritten templates here:

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