5 Smart Ways to Expand Your Contact Lens Business

Looking to grow your contact lens business? By getting a little creative with your pricing, purchase options, and taking advantage of technological advances, you’ll get there faster (and more easily) than you might expect.

Price It Right

People like a good deal. Create a price comparison chart for your patients, and include the various contact lens buying options, such as retail, discount, online, and your own ECP. Be sure to set your price lower than the competition. It doesn’t have to be by much. Your patients will like the idea of buying from someone they already trust, so if they can save a little money in the process—you’ve got ‘em.  

Color It With Variety

Those online vendors and big retail chains that stock a huge variety of lenses definitely have an edge, but if you start stocking more types of lenses in-house, you can shift that “edge” back to your practice. Base your stock on what you prescribe. Free shipping, rebates, and coupons all ‘sweeten’ the deal. And so does keeping up with current styles. Many contact lens wearers enjoy having lenses in multiple colors—to match different outfits, or just for fun.  So spice things up with color!

Push Daily Lenses

Daily lenses may be more expensive, but this is offset by convenience and the minimal need for lens care products. Although patients may initially balk at the higher price, once they experience the enhanced comfort and convenience of dailies--they’re likely to buy in. Your rep may be able to provide rebates on a year’s supply that you can pass on to your patients.

Take It  Online

People are ordering just about everything online, and that includes contact lenses. LensFerry, CooperVision’s contact lens subscription service, makes it easy for patients to reorder contact lenses from their mobile device, tablet, or computer--simply by replying to an automated email or text reminder. LensFerry syncs with your practice management software and sends patient communications that are customized with your practice’s name and/or logo. Patients are able to order an annual supply, but space out the payment over the course of a year, making ordering a full supply from your office simple and affordable. Lenses are shipped directly to your patient’s home via your distributor. Sales revenue comes directly to your office. Easy for your patient, easy for you.

Think Hybrid

Hybrid lenses open up an exciting new realm in eye care. Now, lenses can be crafted to suit the individual, even those “hard to fit” patients with highly complex prescription needs. Think of the possibilities.


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