CES 2017 Insights: The Growing Impact of Predictive Selling

CES 2017 Insights: The Growing Impact of Predictive Selling

Insight: Predictive sales poised to deliver customer convenience, record revenue, extending into new categories including optometry.

PLEASANTON, Calif. — EyeCare Prime’s Shaun Schooley spent time at this year’s massive CES exhibition in Las Vegas – the showcase for technologies and ideas set to change the world. One prediction based on what he saw is already taking shape: the reach and impact of predictive selling. Whether it’s a consumer item being staged for faster shipment based on an individual’s past online buying habits, cat litter being shipped automatically to a home because of real-time pet monitoring, or retail stock being replenished based on macro shopper trends and local factors such as weather patterns, artificial intelligence is altering the game.

Its reach has extended to optometry – as some of the world’s top media in Las Vegas saw firsthand at the LensFerry exhibit. With scheduled shipments, push messaging, and the availability of nearly any contact lens from multiple manufacturers, it’s setting the stage for a day when ordering and fulfillment will be fully automated, allowing practices to concentrate on patient care and business growth.

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