Consumer Mobile Trends

Mobile devices have quickly become our go-to for a wide range of digital services that consumers rely on to help them accomplish more all day, every day. Mobile is becoming increasingly important, but it is about so much more than sending a text message or reading the latest issue of New York Times.

This change goes well beyond the use of smartphones — It’s a complete shift in the way people behave and how they think. As the digital world expands, consumers become accustomed to accomplishing tasks and finding information instantly, they expect immediate, always-available convenience. They want what they want immediately. Give it to them, and you’re a hero — and will receive their loyalty. Fail to deliver, and they’ll move on to another solution. To meet this rising demand, practices have to embrace their new imperative: Use technology to make their customers’ lives easier and shorten the distance between what customers want and what they get.

With mobile device usage on the continual rise, texting has emerged as one of the most efficient ways to communicate a message effectively. According to a study, mobile now represents 2 out of 3 digital media minutes and consumers spend five times longer messaging (texting) than they do on voice calls. This is true across all demographics. So, what does this mean for your practice? You should get on board.

Last year, mobile devices surged ahead of desktop internet usage. This indicates that practices should implement some type of mobile marketing strategy to align with the modern day consumer. An easy first step? Text messaging. Millennials exchange an average of 67 text messages a day, and older consumers don’t fall too far behind. The average open rate of a text is around 99%, compared to just 30% for an email. To reach a customer as quickly as possible, consider text over voice calls and emails.

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