EHR and Nexus

An EHR (electronic health record) is a software that many successful optometrists utilize to keep track of patient information. This system helps doctors keep track of useful data such as patient appointments, Rx information, personal information and much more. If an Office EHR offers all these features, why use Prime Nexus?

Your EHR and Prime Nexus are the perfect pair
Prime Nexus allows you to easily integrate patient information from many EHR softwares while avoiding manual work. Our account specialists make it easy to sync the two systems together so you can enjoy all the added features of Nexus without having to lift a finger. Once you make the decision to move forward with Prime Nexus, we will conduct a training call. Our specialists take this time to virtually install the software on your office’s computer. Once installed, you can sit back and let our specialists walk you through all the settings to customize the system as you please. Nexus will then pull data from your EHR every five minutes to ensure information is always up-to-date.

Prime Nexus takes your practice to the next level
Prime Nexus is a patient relationship system that syncs to pre-existing EHR software allowing practices to connect seamlessly with their patients. It allows an office the ability to customize important features to better fit their needs. One of the most popular features in Prime Nexus is the messaging tab where a practice can edit surveys and social media settings. Through Prime Nexus an office can link to their Facebook, Google MyBusiness and a variety of other review platforms, so patients can easily share reviews and feedback. Within the easy to use dashboard, the alerts feature gives you the edge when it comes to being notified of updated patient information, appointment requests, and new messages. To boost communication with patients outside of the office, Prime Nexus includes a campaigns feature. This allows a practice to create custom marketing campaigns that can be scheduled in advance or sent to a certain demographic. Pre-made templates can also be utilized to inform patients of promotions, health tips or even to wish someone a happy birthday.

Join us, and let’s grow together
Office EHR software is great for staying organized, but pairing that with a patient relationship software like Nexus is crucial to growing a practice. We make it easy to use both. See how seamlessly Nexus integrates with the EHR softwares below and take advantage of our unique system by scheduling a demo. An optometrist’s job is ensuring patients get the vision care they deserve; Prime Nexus’ job is ensuring the doctor is focused on patients, not problems.

Compatible EHR Software:

Crystal PM
Revolution EHR
Eyefinity PM
Practice Director

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