Four Ways a Patient Communication Software Will Increase Your Office Efficiencies

As Paul Coelho once said, “The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden, and like a mirror, they also reflect the person looking into them”. This quote shines a light on how significant a person’s sight is. As Optometrists, you can keep your patient’s sight in good condition so that – just like Coelho’s eyes – they too can have the ability to see everything and reflect their soul within.

It’s important to recognize – that although important – not all patients will remember to show up to the eye appointment they made with your practice a year ago. Others may not realize they are overdue for their annual eye exam. Often, offices get busy; your office staff may not have had enough time to make those calls for appointment reminders, and/or recall reminders as intended.

This is where many practices wonder how they can streamline office efficiencies, so they can continue tending to patient’s needs, while at the same time, reaching the ones they haven’t seen in a while. A simple solution is to ensure your practice has an effective patient communication software. Here are four ways it will help increase your office efficiencies:

  1. Automate Appointment Reminders- This can extremely helpful when monitoring cancelled, rescheduled, and most importantly, scheduled appointments!
  2. Encourage & Promote Returning Patients- Send out campaigns about trunk shows, email blasts about sales and promotions. Recall reminders will also ensure sure your patients remember you and come back to you when it’s time!
  3. Save Staff Time- Who wouldn’t want to save staff time? Not only are you saving on all those overtime hours, but having automated reminders going can help you and your office focus on patient care!
  4. Build Practice Reputation – you can build your practice reputation with the help of surveys and reviews and what better way to have those automatically going out too?

Patient communication software offers an abundance of features that can help your office stay in touch with patients, while saving staff time. The best way to run a business would be to find a solution that can save time, energy and allow you to focus on what grows your business, your patients.

Implementing a patient communication software gives you the luxury to meet the needs of your patients all while engaging with them automatically. Not only are you going to be seeing more great reviews coming in, but you will be doing what you do best at your practice, serving the needs of your patients the way you can, staying in close contact with them throughout the years with the patient communication software that works for you.

As an eye care practitioner, you need a patient communication software that works with your office and focuses on your specific needs. This is where Prime Nexus Patient Communication Software comes into play. Prime Nexus is a software that has been exclusively made with office workflow in mind. This means that you would worry less about recall, appointment and Rx notifications, leaving you to focus more on your patient's care. With Prime Nexus, we have your back while you focus on patient care and growing your overall practice.

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