Holiday Digital Marketing Tips for Your Practice

Believe it or not it’s about that time of year again!  The holidays are right around the corner and with them, businesses are trying to prepare for a couple of the biggest spending months of the year.  To help you get ready and ensure you will be noticed this season, here are 7 tips for holiday marketing:

  • Start planning now! According to Chad White a research director for Litmus, “On average, retailers increase their email frequency to their subscribers by roughly 50% during November and December, compared to non-holiday months.” Prime Nexus allows you to create email campaigns and save them or set them to go out at a scheduled time.  This feature allows you to get all the busy work finished now so that when the crowds come rushing in to spend the rest of their FSA/HSA money at the end of the year, you can focus on your patients and let Prime Nexus do the marketing for you.
  • Take advantage of high return on ad spend. Return on ad spend (or ROAS) is calculated by taking the revenue gained from a certain ad and dividing it by the cost of the ad (Big Commerce). Our Prime Nexus service is a subscription-based model, which means you are paying a fixed cost. With that said, it’s beneficial to take advantage of our campaign feature where you can send emails as many times as you want without adding additional cost.  Social media is also a huge marketing opportunity that is low to no-cost for your practice.  If you have Premier digital marketing services inquire about the social media posts or custom campaigns they can assist you with.
  • Market to win goodwill. The holidays are all about family, friends and feeling good!  Lianna Patch from Punchline Copy shared the idea of running a sales campaign based on goodwill stories from your clients.  Keep a list of patients willing and able to share their stories on how your practice has been able to help them or make their experience more pleasant. Sharing testimonies with current and potential customers is a great way to build community support around your business. Prime Nexus even has a built in public survey page filled with patients who have left you good reviews and are willing to share them with the public.
  • Create a sense of urgency tied to an incentive. In the medical industry, this applies heavily to a large percentage of your patients automatically if they have a health spending account that does not roll over year to year.  Promoting the use of these benefits well ahead of time will help lessen the chaos of patients trying to cram in last minute appointments and orders.  According to Nick Raushenbush cofounder of Shogun Landing Builder, creating a patient facing landing page or can help create a sense of urgency to ensure patients are aware of the timeliness of these benefits. Take advantage of the already created HSA/FSA campaigns in Prime Nexus.
  • Know what action you want customers to take. In other words, have a specific goal in mind when creating campaigns or ads.  Do you want to encourage new appointments?  Make sure you have an appointment request link available or easily accessible from the ad.  Do you want patients to purchase a product?  Consider adding in a coupon or discount of some sort to grab their attention.  Remember, the holiday season is prime time for ads and sales so you must make yours stand out from the rest.
  • Pay extra attention to mobile! E-commerce is huge during the holiday season. It accounted for almost $110 billion in online sales during November and December 2017. Mobile commerce (purchases made via smartphones and tablets) is growing, which accounts for a larger and larger portion of e-commerce sales each year (33.1% in 2017) with projected growth well into the future (Amy Gesengues The Big Holiday 2017 e-commerce wrap-up).  Creating a mobile friendly website will be key to competing for product sales and online appointment requests.  Prime Nexus and LensFerry are both built to be mobile optimized for contact lens sales and patient communications.
  • Consider implementing a loyalty program. Holidays are a great time to acquire new patients, but it’s also extremely important to focus on longevity and keeping those customers coming back.  Raheem Sarcar, Founder and CEO of RewardCamp stated, “I’ve seen retailers increase repeat business by 300% as a result of converting new customers into repeat customers.”  A loyalty program may be a good way to keep patients coming back not only for appointments but for material sales.  Offering discounts if patients buy an annual supply of contact lenses is just one example.  If that’s not your style or patients aren’t interested in an annual supply up front, consider trying a points system where they receive a gift certificate or some sort of reward after spending “x amount”.  The more often a patient returns to your office for business, the more it becomes a habit. The biggest key for consumers in 2018 is convenience; LensFerry offers the convenience of online and mobile patient ordering to help you see repeat business time and time again.

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