How Lensferry Helped a Practice Retain Contact Lens Revenue


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We could talk all day about the benefits of integrating EyeCare Prime solutions into your practice, but it's always best said by our customers.

It was awesome to have the chance to sit down with Kelly Pineda, Manager of the American Eye Care practice in Astoria, NY to talk about Lensferry and how it has helped their practice.

They have been using Lensferry for over almost 2 years and it has functioned to capture contact lens revenue and help them weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

EyeCare Prime: What was the biggest challenge that you faced prior to using our Lensferry?

Kelly: Trying to get patients to purchase a supply of contacts before they walked out the door.

EyeCare Prime: How did Lensferry help you solve that business challenge?

Kelly: Lensferry basically took over. It captures revenue that would have honestly gone elsewhere.

EyeCare Prime: What specific measurable results can you share on the impact it's had on your store?

Kelly: We have about 5-10 patients that are on a monthly subscription, and because of that it has helped us capture thousands in revenue.

EyeCare Prime: What would you say to an office who is unsure if this solution is right for them? 

Kelly: Well, us here at American Eye Care were unsure ourselves to try Lensferry, but so far it's been great.  There is no contract, no hidden fees, and you only get charged a small  percentage if you do bring revenue.  And like I said, it's been thousands so far.

EyeCare Prime: How has Lensferry helped you during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Kelly: Especially during the pandemic.  We weren't here in our office, but it kept patients' orders coming, with no interruption, so it's been great.

EyeCare Prime: Is there anything else you would say about Lensferry?

Kelly: I would highly recommend... it doesn't hurt to try it.

LensFerry is a secure, cloud-based online contact lens reorder solution for optometry offices that gives your patients the convenience they have come to expect—being able to order lenses from their doctor on their phone, computer or tablet, and receive shipments at their door. 

A little background about EyeCare Prime: our technology was built by optometrists for optometrists. We pride ourselves on creating software services that help doctors grow their practice and keep contact lens sales in house, in this modern digital world. Our software is used by eye care groups as well as thousands of independent practices around the world. What are you waiting for? Say Hello to EyeCare Prime today!

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