How LensFerry "just works" for retaining contact lens revenue

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I'm Mikayla. I'm the office manager for Maple Valley Eye Care. I'm also the Vision Source, a facilitator for southern western Washington.

LensFerry is an amazing, easy and convenient way for our patients to order their contact lenses without having to call us to place the order. They can order it at any time, at any hour of the day, and their order is going to come through. They don't have to worry about doing it during our business hours. They can easily text into a number when they're out of lenses, when they need to order more or go to their email and order it that way, I let them know how convenient it is that they don't have to come into the office to pick their lenses up because it's going to ship to them directly.

We had zero success with the previous company that we were using. It didn’t integrate with our EMR, whereas LensFerry does. So with LensFerry all the info is already preloaded. LensFerry orders it for you. All the staff does is simply just click approve and everything, charges to the patient's card automatically and submit the order directly to OGP for us. So it saves a lot of time and it makes things a lot easier.

I'm Mike Matsunami, a Broadway Vision Source in Seattle, Washington. I've always been proactive as far as trying to retain our patients. We don't have to lift a finger. Uh, for those patients who don't get a year supply, they're automatically contacted by, uh, LensFerry. When I saw the, uh, the checks coming in from LensFerry, I just thought this, this is just working by itself. So honestly, we don't do anything. We don't do anything. It just works.

Faxes coming in from other retailers. It comes in at 2:00 AM with an eight hour response time on them. Um, you know, we get them obviously, but we've gone from a few hundred dollars in contact lens replacement revenues per quarter to $5,000, $6,000 a quarter now. So the fringe benefit of this is that this is how much we're losing. This is how much we were not recapturing and these are our patients that were going out elsewhere. To put a dent in that, keep those patients for ourselves is absolutely golden.

If we're not going to do the promotion as being aggressive retailers or marketers to our patients, other entities are going to do that and they're going to take them. So you might as well jump on this.

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