How to Handle Negative Customer Reviews

There is no way around it, bad reviews happen. You may have had a patient that didn’t fully understand their benefits and instead of blaming the resulting bill on their lack of understanding, they opt to take their frustrations out on one of your review site pages. They air out the entire situation online for all of your current and prospective patients to see, which may cause patients to either change or create a biased opinion of your practice. Not only is this embarrassing, but receiving a negative review can also be financially painful as well, if it deters patients from coming to your practice.

Although there are infinite reasons as to why a patient might feel the need to write a negative review, your response and course of action should be consistent, regardless of what was said. First, try to report the review and see if the publisher removes it from your page. If the publisher does remove the review, respond back to the patient within a timely manner, apologize for their experience and ask them to contact your office to further discuss the issue. Avoid discussing the details of the situation online, as it is easy to accidentally mention items pertaining to the patient and or their appointment, which breaches HIPAA policies.

If you have a negative review on Facebook, there is a good chance that Facebook will not remove it. You can however deactivate the review section of your page, so that reviews will no longer appear. See how to hide Facebook reviews here.


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