Introducing: The LensFerry Gives Sight Series

When it comes to purchasing contact lenses, patients have an abundance of options. Between local retailers, online ordering and direct to consumer marketing, how can you set your business apart from the competition? One way to keep up with the changing landscape is by incorporating digital solutions into your practice. When evaluating a commerce solution, pick a business partner who is dedicated to helping those in need.

Research shows that more than half of young people have purchased a brand or product in order to show support for an issue the brand represented. LensFerry offers your practice both of these powerful tools by providing an online contact lens store that also gives back to those in need through their partnership with Optometry Giving Sight. LensFerry makes a donation towards an eye exam for a person in need every time a patient makes a purchase through the platform.

By implementing LensFerry in your office, you can offer your community a way to give back by providing the gift of vision to people in desperate need of vision care living in underserved areas. LensFerry will provide you the opportunity to broaden your reach to help not just patients in your practice, but patients all over the world.

Thanks to the LensFerry Gives Sight program, in partnership with Optometry Giving Sight and our LensFerry offices, underprivileged people in impoverished communities were able to receive eye exams, glasses, and vision care. With every contact lens purchase, your office and your patients have contributed to a meaningful cause.

EyeCare Prime is thrilled to share stories of patients, testimonies, and reflections from the various volunteer trips we have taken over the years in The LensFerry Gives Sight Series.

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