MaximEyes and Prime Nexus Enhance Doctor-Patient Relationship Solution

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First Insight® Corporation, developer of MaximEyes® certified EHR and practice management software for eye care professionals, and EyeCare Prime® (a wholly-owned subsidiary of CooperVision), have formed a partnership to streamline connections between MaximEyes software and Prime NexusSM patient relationship management solutions.    

Prime Nexus is a cloud-based patient management system that allows optometry and ophthalmology practices to connect with their patients using integrated marketing and automation to communicate with patients.

Built as a direct replacement to WebSystem3, Prime Nexus includes a number of new features such as Open Seat and Patient Chat, giving practices even more ways to streamline daily activities and effectively communicate with patients.

Now that MaximEyes practice management software integrates with Prime Nexus, eye care doctors and staff who use MaximEyes and Prime Nexus have access to robust tools to drive successful marketing campaigns and business success. This integration will allow eye care professionals to manage patient relationships, improve office efficiencies, and reduce no-shows with timely messaging solutions.


MaximEyes patient demographics, recalls, appointments and Rx data (glasses and contact lens pickup notifications) automatically upload from MaximEyes to Prime Nexus via background exports at designated times.

“We’re thrilled to partner with EyeCare Prime as we share a commitment to practice excellence through advanced technology and adding quality value-added services for our customers,” said Nitin Rai, President and CEO of First Insight.

“Our continued partnership with MaximEyes allows us provide our mutual customers with a comprehensive solution for critical patient communication services used to drive patient acquisition, improve patient retention and maximize revenue,” said Mark Lindsey, EyeCare Prime General Manager.


Image provided by Prime Nexus

Integrations with Eye Care Practice Management Systems Create Strong Patient Relationships

Communication with your patients and your staff is a critical ingredient for practice management success. Combining patient communication services like Prime Nexus with MaximEyes builds long-term, positive relationships with patients.

Learn how MaximEyes software helps you use patient data to drive revenue for your practice. Schedule an online MaximEyes demo.   
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About EyeCare Prime: EyeCare Prime is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CooperVision, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of contact lenses. EyeCare Prime provides eye care doctors with an affordable suite of cloud-based integrated patient relationship management/commerce and digital marketing solutions to grow their practice, improve office efficiency, and optimize appointment capacity

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