VM: CooperVision’s EyeCare Prime Introduces LensFerry S

Originally posted in Vision Monday’s April 28, 2015

In response to the increased frequency with which eyecare practitioners are prescribing one-day contact lenses, EyeCare Prime, a subsidiary of CooperVision, Inc. has launched an additional version of its LensFerry service—LensFerry S. The service enables practices to offer patients subscription-based ordering of their one-day contact lenses.

LensFerry S is now available to all eyecare practices in the U.S. Participating practices will have the ability to enroll one-day contact lens wearers in the service, which divides the annual cost of one-day lenses into automatic monthly payments and quarterly lens deliveries. LensFerry S includes contact lenses from all manufacturers at eyecare practitioners’ specified prices, and the prescribing practice receives the sales revenue as if the lenses had been paid for in-office.

“Today’s consumers have become accustomed to subscription-based order fulfillment thanks to major online retailers such as Amazon,” said Mark Lindsey, general manager, EyeCare Prime. “We understand the goal is to sell an annual supply of one-day contact lenses. LensFerry S provides a simple and convenient tool for both practitioners and their patients, making it easy and more affordable to purchase their lenses. It lowers the upfront cost for wearers, enabling practitioners to transition more patients into one-day lenses and ultimately drives increased sales and patient loyalty in their practices.”

LensFerry was first introduced last year. The full version of the service is the first and only mobile commerce solution specifically developed for eyecare practitioners. It allows patients to order contact lenses—including monthly, two-week, and one-day modalities—via a mobile device, tablet or computer for direct shipment to their homes. It also includes the ability to send custom-branded email and/or text reorder reminders, text-to-reorder functionality and subscription-based ordering options.

“Through partnering with practitioners, we learned that many were interested in starting with only the subscription-based ordering part of the service,” said Lindsey. “With LensFerry S, we have separated that feature from the suite, providing more practitioners with the tools they need to compete in today’s optometric landscape. Now, they have more options to meet their individual practices’ needs.”

LensFerry is part of EyeCare Prime’s flagship suite of services, developed to help eyecare practitioners build and expand their businesses with tools designed to acquire new patients and enable practices to retain and engage with existing patients. The LensFerry S service is available to eyecare practices on a subscription basis; for every completed patient annual subscription through LensFerry S, EyeCare Prime will make a donation to Optometry Giving Sight for an eye exam.

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