Why Should You Implement A Digital Marketing Strategy


The day of the print newspaper is quickly fading away which has led 38% of marketing professionals to boost their allowance for digital marketing in recent years. So, what is digital marketing? According to Investopedia, “digital marketing is the use of the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, display advertising and other channels to reach consumers.” Since nearly 50% of smartphone owners are reaching for their phones instead of papers seconds after waking up, it is time to move your marketing from print to mobile.

Here are 3 reasons to implement digital marketing in your practice:


A recent survey by the Pew Research Center found that only 11% of U.S. adults are not using the internet. The age group 65 and older makes up most of this 11% however, even only a third of this age group is not online. Digital marketing gives you the (nearly limitless) reach that print marketing cannot. By using digital marketing, it is possible to gain access to a new network of people. These people can include previous, current, and new patients who would not have found your practice without searching and finding it online. IBISWorld states a major threat for optometrists is, “intensifying competition from optical retailers, most notably online distributors, cut into the industry’s ancillary product sales.” Keeping this in mind, it is increasingly important to move online and stay ahead of competitors.

Data Analysis

Digital marketing provides a great opportunity to utilize data from previous marketing efforts. With the right software, you can analyze how people interact with your campaigns. Collecting data through digital marketing helps to answer questions like:

  • Are people opening the promotion I sent?
  • How many people clicked the share button on my website?
  • Are people liking my posts?

Gathering this data allows you to create marketing benchmarks and goals as well as performance indicators that will drive your future campaigns to success. If a campaign is unsuccessful and patients do not respond well, the data will show it. Understanding the data allows you to no longer waste time and energy on a marketing flop.


Trends, brands, businesses – basically everything is ‘fast’ in today’s society. This means that as soon as something becomes popular, it can just as quickly be yesterday’s news. People are being exposed to new things that catch their attention daily via the internet, so it is important for your practice to catch their attention daily as well.

Staying relevant does not have to be hard. It can be as simple as an updating a social media platform or sending out a weekly newsletter via email. Research shows that 80% of people will view a video while only 20% will read long text. Also, a personalized email is likely to be 6 times more effective than not. Adopting these tactics into your marketing strategy will keep patients engaged. Sending a personalized email with a short video relevant to your practice is easy, cost effective and more likely to be read than an ad or newsletter sent by physical mail.

Optimize your practice’s reach, sustain good marketing practices through analytics, and ensure engagement with patients to stay relevant. Using these strategies will keep your practice growing in today’s digital world.

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